Social Media Courses

I’m going to leave here some e-books and social media courses that will help you to be a successful entrepreneur.


Instagram course


The same method used by influencers to gain followers and sell every single day. In this e-book you will find the dreamed mark of 10,000 followers on Instagram and the main ways to monetize your profile through info products! The infallible methods and strategies most used by influencers to gain followers will be presented.
This is your great opportunity to activate the “DRAG UP” button. Everything you will learn in this E-book has already been tested and proven that using past techniques and following the described routine it is possible to grow your Instagram by 10k followers in up to 2 or 3 months.


Whatsapp course


Want to master WhatsApp features for businesses and have a real store running on your WhatsApp?
WhatsApp “Business”, “Customer Service” and “WhatsApp Marketing” are the definitive course modules for those who want to understand the WhatsApp sales funnel and delight their customers, ensuring loyalty and a super shopping experience.
All the techniques to generate more traffic and sales on WhatsApp using groups, broadcast lists, chatbots, stickers and free apps can be found in this course created by Players School, a reference in Mobile Marketing learning.

Social Media Courses

Canva in Practice

  • For those who want to work creating content for social networks for companies
  • For those who want to create a personal project on the internet.
  • For Business Owners who want to create their own content

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