Bookbinding and Cartoning Courses

I’m going to leave here some e-books and bookbinding and cardboard courses that will add value to your business and make you a successful entrepreneur.


Bookbinding Course

In the Express Binding Course you will have access to more than 70 classes that will enable you to bind professionally in up to 15 days and I will also teach you how to set up your online store and undertake. After all, it’s no use knowing how to do it and not being able to sell it.

cartonagem express

cartoning course

In the Cartonagem Expert 2.0 course, I will teach Step by Step 5 models of Carton Boxes and much more… the ADVANCED TECHNIQUES that my students have been asking for so much! See the products that will be taught in this course: Articulated Notebook, Spinner Box, Trunk Case, Charming Minnie and Retractable Suitcase.

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