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Paper storage – Papers in custom stationery – Part 11

Paper storage - Papers in custom stationery - Part 11

A complete guide to the papers used in custom stationery

To finish the series on the papers used in personalized stationery, today, I’m going to talk about paper storage.

If you haven’t seen the other posts in the series about the papers used in custom stationery, I’ll leave the link below for you.

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paper storage

I often see people complaining that the printer does not feed the paper, that the image comes out with streaks, etc. Did you know that this could be related to how the papers are stored?

This is because some characteristics of the paper, such as grammage, stiffness and thickness, can be affected by fluctuations in humidity and ambient temperature.

For example, you are working with the air conditioner on which removes moisture from the air. If you leave the paper package open, it may have streaks and smears on the printout.

The heat evaporates moisture from the paper and this can cause the printer to feed multiple sheets at once.

Humid weather adds moisture to the air and can cause paper to skew and jam in the printer.

With this, it is possible to conclude that paper is a delicate material that, once damaged, cannot be recovered.

Even a minor exposure, such as a splash of water, can cause major and irreversible damage. Therefore, always keep your paper in its original packaging. It was made to protect the paper from humidity and other factors that could alter its characteristics.

To avoid problems and paper losses, you must:

  • Store the paper in a dry environment, away from extreme heat or cold (the ideal temperature is between 20 °C and 24 °C, and the relative humidity between 45% and 55%).
  • Rest the new paper on a flat surface (for example, on a cupboard or shelf) above floor level. Do not store paper on uneven surfaces, such as the top of the printer or the edge of a table.
  • If possible, leave the paper in the original packaging until you are ready to use it; otherwise, repack partially used paper packages.

By taking these precautions, your leaves will still look like new months after the package has been opened.

paper storage
Temperature and humidity for paper storage

I hope you enjoyed this series of posts about the papers used in custom stationery!