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Colored Papers – Papers in personalized stationery – Part 9

Colored Papers - Papers in personalized stationery - Part 9

A complete guide to the papers used in custom stationery

Continuing the series on the papers used in personalized stationery, today, I’m going to talk about colored papers.

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Colored Papers

There are Colored Papers from different brands, such as, for example, Color Plus, Color Set, Candy Plus, Cardstock, Filipaper, Pop Set, Criacor etc.

When choosing a Colored Paper, you must observe whether or not it is colored in the mass. If it is colored in the mass, it has the advantage of leaving the crease of the product (a box, for example) in the same color as the surface (and not white, as in printed papers). That’s because it’s a paper with a colored core.

A well-known brand of colored paper is Papel Color Plus. It is colored in the mass.

Colored Paper can be printed on an inkjet and laser printer. If you choose to use a dark color Colored Paper for printing, you must check if the ink color used will overlap the paper color.

Remember that most printers do not print white!

Colored papers are often used in invitations, embellishments, layering, etc.

There are Colored Paper variations such as Metallic, Verge and Textured Paper, and over 30 colors available!

The commonly found weights of these papers are: 75 g, 120 g, 180 g and 240 g.

The Tables below show the characteristics of Colored Paper and its Advantages and Disadvantages.

CostDoes it fade?Printer
HighNoinkjet and laser
Characteristics of Colored Papers
Available in multiple storesHigh cost
Assorted colors (over 30 available)Difficult to print in dark colors
Fast drying
Advantages and disadvantages of colored papers

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In the next post I will continue talking about the types of paper and will be about special papers, scrapbook papers and digital papers. Don’t miss it, it will be published on 03/12/2021.