Cake topper course

I’m going to leave here some e-books and cake topping courses that will help you develop your business and make you a successful entrepreneur.

Cake topper course

Cake to the Top course

As a baker, baker, confectioner and party preparer, you have an incredible opportunity to increase your earnings in a super simple way, including Toppers in your products!

Toppers give personality and a beautiful appearance to cakes and sweets or party arrangements, and for any occasion, whether: birthday parties, revelation tea, business parties and much more.

Cake topper course

Paper Flower Course

The course Starting Your Journey with Paper Flowers is the Journey to undertake With Paper Flowers that became a course. In it, the student will be able to identify the challenges of undertaking with flowers, what is needed to start a paper flower business, what the flower market is like and what its possibilities are, as well as the importance of exposing your product and what is the best way to do this.

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